The Pages & Pints reading series was founded at Apollo Pizza Downtown in Richmond, Kentucky in 2014.

Most events are free and open to the public (excluding special event fundraisers). Seating is limited and the audience sometimes reaches capacity. Readings typically begin at 8 pm and late arrivals may not be able enter the reading room while a reading is in progress.

Attendees often arrive early for dinner and drinks. Authors and poets ordinarily stay to sign copies of their work and books are usually available for purchase.                            

Past and upcoming participants include:

Darnell Arnoult
Frank Bill
Gwenda Bond
Tasha Cotter
Ron Davis

Kirby Gann
Robert Gipe
Manuel Gonzales
Dorian Hairston
Leigh Ann Henion

DaMaris Hill

Chris Holbrook
Ron Houchin
Silas House
Jason Howard

Rebecca Gayle Howell
Julia Johnson
R Dean Johnson
David Joy
Erin Keane
Christina Lovin
Denton Loving

Ronni Lundy
George Ella Lyon
Marie Manilla
Maurice Manning
Amelia Martens
Ed McClanahan
Jay McCoy
Karen Salyer McElmurray
Ellen Birkett Morris
Carrie Mullins
Gurney Norman
Jeremy Dae Paeden
Tina Parker
Hannah Pittard
Mark Powell
Danni Quintos
Erik Reece
Christopher Rowe
Anne Shelby
Carter Sickels*
Young Smith

Ian Stansel

Keith Stewart

Sarah Ann Strickley
Eric Scott Sutherland
Frank X Walker
Kayla Rae Whitaker

Charles Dodd White
Crystal Wilkinson

*Standalone special event

Carrie Mullins and Wesley Browne book and host the readings.