Apollo Pizza Large Group Policy:

We welcome large groups, but ask that customers follow and be aware of the below guidelines.

We have a private party room at our Downtown Richmond location that seats 50+. There is no room rental fee, however, it requires a $100 minimum purchase plus a 17% gratuity. $117 is required as a deposit to reserve. Please call ahead a minimum of one week to reserve. The room is not available to reserve at peak times.

Please also call in advance for any large group of twelve or more so that we can adequately prepare and staff. This is better for you, and our staff. Also be aware that service for large groups tends to be slower. We make all orders by hand, and when a large number come into the kitchen at once, they may take longer to complete than ordinary.

There is an automatic gratuity added for our servers for any group of 10 or more people.